Art Madrid'23 – Luciano Ventrone

Luciano Ventrone

Roma, (Italia), 1942

Luciano Ventrone studied at the Lyceum of Art in Rome. In 1968 he left the university and focused on painting. Although Luciano Ventrone is internationally recognized as one of the master realist painters of his generation, he considers his works to be really about optics: "Painting is not about the mere representation of an object, but about its colour and light". For each of his works, Ventrone carefully stages a subject under studio lights. Luciano's paintings "invite the viewer into an atmosphere of pure contemplation"; they are works of great skill and aesthetic beauty. Ventrone shows things more clearly than they appear to us in reality; everything is in focus, and everything is examined.

This artist exhibits in the following galleries

Galleria Stefano Forni

Programa General