Art Madrid'24 – Mario Morales

Mario Morales

Santiago de Chile, Chile, 1990

Morales' artistic theme lies in the concept of geometric abstraction expressed in works that argue encrypted concepts.To do this, it replicates mathematical behavior and distinguished angles, manifesting and insinuating different symbols and compositions that allude to a material meaning through a rite based on color and space. Since 2015, he has interacted in a vast spectrum of ideas, inclined to propose movement in his compositions, suggesting complex optical and kinetic constructions, usually interrupted by an abrupt jump towards concrete and paralyzed geometric impulses, all this through the systematic unfolding on the perception of his paintings on canvas, entangling the observer in the dilemma of materiality.

This artist exhibits in the following galleries

Kleur Gallery

Programa General

Artist's works

Mario Morales | Ngcm 19

Mario Morales

Ngcm 19, 2023


96 x 96 cm

Mario Morales | Ngcm 32

Mario Morales

Ngcm 32, 2023


100 x 160 cm