Art Madrid'23 – Max Gärtner

Max Gärtner

Heidelberg (Alemania), 1982

Having completed his Graphic Arts degree in Barcelona in 2008, Max Gärtner began his journey as an visual artist through being involved in various projects with his art collective, while also working independently as an illustrator and character designer in the animation industry. Throughout the years, Gärtner has been prolific in his artistic output; constantly refining his technical process and creative approach. His practice evolved as he integrated his natural inclination to explore key concepts which relate to the self and human connectivity. Currently Gärtner practices as a multidisciplinary artist, working from his studio spaces in Berlin and Bali where he creates artworks which are exhibited worldwide in galleries and art fairs.

“I consider the hand-drawn line to be of extreme importance, it’s the basis for all my work. To draw by hand represents, to certain extent, presenting one’s most inner self — there is no room for deception, the spectator receives an unadulterated insight.”