Art Madrid'24 – Mihael Milunovic

Mihael Milunovic

Belgrado, (Serbia), 1967

Violence, repression, manipulation; the uncomfortable realities of contemporary life are exposed in the tantalizing creations of Mihael Milunovic. Born in Belgrade in 1967, Milunovic grew up in an artistic family environment. Both his father and grandfather were well-known Serbian artists and his mother was a renowned Croatian sculptor. Milunovic's early experiences playing in his parents' studio, his interest in geography and machinery, and the paintings of artists such as Tiziano, Velázquez or De Chirico, would have a lasting effect on his work. Milunovic attended the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade and then the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, where he studied with visiting professors Marina Abramovic and Tony Brown, among others. His work spans a wide range of disciplines, from painting, drawing and photography to large-scale sculptures and installations. By decontextualizing everyday objects, symbols or situations, Milunovic provokes in the viewer a discomfort, a mixture of alienation and curiosity.