Art Madrid'23 – Miss Van

Miss Van

Francia, 1973

Miss Van started wall-painting with brushes on the walls of Toulouse in the ’90s and quickly expanded her work throughout Europe (with Barcelona as her home city), influencing the feminine movement in European Urban Art. She is now considered among the most established international urban contemporary female artists. From acrylic to oil on canvas, Miss Van is in constant evolution, enhancing her work with cultural and tribal symbols, elements of folklore and diverse sources of inspiration, allowing herself to grow together with her characters. Although they are still fragile and domineering, voluptuous and sensitive, they do no longer belong only to the streets, they now also shine in the largest international galleries and shows. The alluring outfits gave way to folkloric dresses and multi-traditional accessories. Tears flowed, makeup held on, sometimes replaced by powerful masks. Behind their mask, Miss Van’s muses, sultry yet elegant, reveal themselves as the very embodiment of femininity between strength and delicacy, sensuality and mystery.