Art Madrid'23 – Nacho Angulo

Nacho Angulo

Madrid, 1952

Being a “carpainter”, as he is sometimes called, leads us to think of someone who builds his paintings with wood, neither beautiful nor elegant wood, but wood from industry, construction, from our time-pressed and recycled. So many times broken, glued, stained, stained, torn, violated, and so finely sanded and cared for down to its last detail as if it were the best rosewood. Those paintings were built by layers, by times, managing rhythms of his passion for music, dark silences and vivid undulating colours of rhizomes, the “time and space” of his admired Deleuze. ArtMadrid has been showing how most of its works are built without orthogonal limitations. Broken limits that penetrate the space of the other; permanent dialogue with space-time, to later deny it outright by building suggestive walls. Strong squares to break and surpass from the depths, little by little like hatching in the passion of abundance. "Le plus profond c’est la peau!".

This artist exhibits in the following galleries

Galería Espiral

Programa General