Art Madrid'24 – Oliver Okolo

Oliver Okolo

Suleja, (Nigeria), 1991

A self-taught contemporary artist with old master sensibilities, Oliver’s work speaks to a classical style of practice informed by early renaissance art pioneers, such as Michelangelo, fused almost seamlessly with a modern interpretation and touch through his depiction of black subjects.
Intrigued by the intricacies of the human figure as a unique work of nature, Oliver draws inspiration from the human form to depict pieces that express his views on issues he believes are neglected and overlooked in society. Continuing to feel the desire for artist growth, in 2016, he studied and worked in the atelier of Clement Nwafor, a master in painting and drawing. Okolo works in many artistic mediums but has a preference for oil on canvas, because of the textures it creates. He devotes much time in his studio to the study of his artistic technique and searches for continuous improvement of his expressive capabilities.