Art Madrid'24 – Onemizer


Sur de Francia, 1987

After a first encounter with art in Africa, where he spent his entire childhood, Onemizer ended up becoming familiar with this discipline on his return to France while wandering the streets of Paris and admiring its street art. Fascinated by the graffiti that covered road walls, he became accustomed to passing through abandoned land, railway stations and disused warehouses where he painted hidden from public view.

His artistic approach consists of incorporating the essence of street art into our daily lives. His dream is to bring the streets to homes, so that all the messages, drawings and graffiti, which for him have been his greatest source of learning, are no longer perceived as undesirable and can now be considered a full-fledged art form, worthy to be exhibited at fairs and galleries. To do this, the artist finds inspiration wherever he goes: iconic works of art and elements of our common imagination, without forgetting what he experienced as a child.

This artist exhibits in the following galleries

Galerie One

Programa General

Artist's works

Onemizer | Génération


Génération, 2023

Mixed technique on canvas

130 x 89 cm

Onemizer | Top boy


Top boy, 2023

Mixed technique on canvas

100 x 70 cm

Onemizer | Wild style


Wild style, 2023

Mixed media on canvas

100 x 100 cm