Art Madrid'23 – Pablo Bruera

Pablo Bruera

Montevideo (Uruguay), 1972

Pablo Bruera was born on November 14, 1972 in Montevideo-Uruguay, from 1974 he lives in Venezuela until his return to Montevideo in 1984; Since 2001 he has lived in Barcelona, the city where he settled to be connected with the history of art on the continent, meet new currents and continue promoting his career. From then on he will leave aside abstract painting to concentrate almost exclusively on sculpture. Lines, planes, volumes, movement; Concepts that are known in depth in Pablo Bruera's workshop, influenced by constructive universalism. As a result, works can be appreciated in which what is important is not only what is to come, but also the ellipses that are intuited. From different metal plates, cardboard or wood; He devises different pieces with which he tries to frame the void and make the space part of the figure itself. Pablo Bruera has participated in numerous individual and collective exhibitions in America and Europe.