Art Madrid'23 – Paco Cassinello

Paco Cassinello

Almería, 1958

A March morning with a clear sky, one of those days when the sun illuminates things with a dreamlike, magical unreality. Looking at the facade of the Royal Palace Paco Cassinello decided to experiment with light and transparency. His work in recent years has been experimentation in search of that magic and that dreamlike reality. Using all the tools and the vital experience of many cultures, many museums and many stones. Seeking to produce that emotion and that disturbance that he himself felt, that day he decided to embark on the path of creation. His first works in the 80s were pure experimentation, from making clothes to printing fabrics, collaborations with magazines, posters for parties, and some collective exhibitions with silkscreen printing work, among other things... Later he got involved in the production of furniture in different materials and appealed to the experimentation that marks all his production: steel, wood, methacrylate and lots and lots of photography. And the last four years, after a very long visit to MOMA, he decided to silkscreen print. This impulse gave birth to his latest series: _DIFRACTION ONÍRICA, LYRIC REFLECTION.

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Programa General

Artist's works

Paco Cassinello | Magic fungi

Paco Cassinello

Magic fungi, 2022

Metacrilato, resina epoxy teñida

30 x 30 x 30 cm

Paco Cassinello | Fusilli

Paco Cassinello

Fusilli, 2022

Metacrilato, resina epoxy teñida

62 x 62 x 7 cm

Paco Cassinello | Amantes 1

Paco Cassinello

Amantes 1, 2022

Policarbonato celular relleno de resina epoxy teñida

71 x 61 x 6 cm