Art Madrid'24 – Patrick Hughes

Patrick Hughes

Birmingham, (Inglaterra), 1939

In 1961 at the Portal Gallery in London, he had his first solo exhibition. A few years later, Hughes produced two seminal reverse perspective works, Infinity and Sticking-out Room. In the 1970s, Hughes' name began to be associated with paintings featuring an iconic rainbow. His work became so popular that his iconography was transferred to prints, postcards, decoration objects... Although the rainbow was popularized to the extreme, Hughes always points out that for him it never ceased to have a deep symbolism. In the late 1980s, Hughes again explored the difference between the difference between perspective and reversal and to solidify reversal and to solidify space. Over the past 25 years, his reversible the last 25 years, his 3D reversal paintings have been in great have been in high demand, have been exhibited around the worldwide and are included in many public collections. collections. The experience of seeing a sculpted sculpted Patrick Hughes painting in reality is to actually really experiencing the unreality and paradox of illusory paradox of illusory space and movement.

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Artist's works

Patrick Hughes | Venetia

Patrick Hughes

Venetia, 2021

Oil and collage on wood

51 x 53 x 16 cm

Patrick Hughes | Patri canaletto

Patrick Hughes

Patri canaletto, 2023

Oil and collage on wood

75.7 x 170.5 x 26.5 cm

Patrick Hughes | Credible and finite

Patrick Hughes

Credible and finite, 2023

Oil and collage on wood

83 x 172 x 23 cm

Patrick Hughes | Popsee

Patrick Hughes

Popsee, 2020

Impresión digital papel

45 x 102 x 17 cm

Patrick Hughes | Paree

Patrick Hughes

Paree, 2023

Impresón digital retocada a mano

39.3 x 112.6 x 17.5 cm