Art Madrid'24 – Paulo Neves

Paulo Neves

Cucujães, Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal, 1959

Paulo Neves was born in 1959. Although he attended the Porto School of Fine Arts in Portugal, his learning was, in the modern European tradition, exclusively self-taught. He left very young to discover the world, met artists, visited museums, discovered other worlds, experience, undoubtedly, determinant for the work he has been doing. During the nineties of the twentieth century, it would reveal its artistic maturity, affirming itself today as an international sculptor of unavoidable national reference. With pieces in various Portuguese, private and public, collections, Paulo Neves is represented in the United States, France, Spain, Brazil, the Netherlands, Belgium, Romania, Australia, Morocco, Germany, Thailand and Japan. The morphological expression of his pieces appeals to expressionism and to Baroque, although its language seems totally original, built on the fringes of the movements and aesthetic tendencies of its time.

This artist exhibits in the following galleries

Galeria São Mamede

Programa General