Art Madrid'24 – Pepe Yagües

Pepe Yagües

Murcia, 1968

In 1992 he graduated from the Faculty of Valencia in the specialty of engraving and stamping and was awarded at the Cañada Blanch Foundation in Valencia. Pepe Yagües was born at a time of great relevance in the creative field, these are times of artistic renewal: minimal, conceptual, land art, among others. Painter, engraver and sculptor, his works are created, as an aesthetic, technical and poetic prodigy, from the reflection of the artist and for the reflection of the observer. The theme used by Yagües arises from the great myths generated throughout history: the minotaur, the Trojan horse, Greek sculpture, etc. The materials used in his works tend to be of great diversity: wood, aluminum, acrylic, iron, paper, graphite, ...He has participated in numerous national and international exhibitions.