Art Madrid'23 – Pilar Cavestany

Pilar Cavestany

Madrid, 1961

Light and movement give life to Pilar Cavestany's work. Methacrylate boxes interact with the space in which they are placed, giving rise to plays of light. To polychromies in their interior voids. Transparent boxes filled with strips of colour become an organic structure with a life of their own. Movement, light and shadow are essential parts of the work. It is constructed depending on the point of view of the viewer, producing a previously non-existent and unpredictable chromatic range. Throughout her creative career, Pilar Cavestany has investigated the artistic possibilities of methacrylate, polyester, film and other flexible materials and their endless variety of effects, based on paper folds. It is a very personal kinetic art, created with the intention of being integrated by the work and the spectator: with light as a resource.