Rocío Gómez

Rocío Gómez

Lima (Perú), 1973

The artist and visual anthropologist Rocío Gómez investigates the relationship between language, images and reality. To do this, inquire about the meaning given to something; experience to what extent the discourse changes, wins, loses or deviates from what you want to point out or comment on. It seeks to urge the subject to analyze, to reconsider what is the truth, what is the story, and if there is the image or the objective perception of the subject and/or the social one. Rocío has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including her collaboration with the CEDE Gallery "A medio camino entre saber algo de manera intelectual y no saberlo en realidad". Carlos Caamaño photo project. "La imposibilidad del verde" with the Pedro de Osma Museum, Forum Gallery "Pop Porn", among others.

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Artist's works

Rocío Gómez | Serie Ocupa III

Rocío Gómez

Serie Ocupa III, 2013

Inyección de tinta sobre papel de algodón Baryta

66 x 100 cm

Rocío Gómez | Extrañamiento

Rocío Gómez

Extrañamiento, 2017

Óleo, collage y foto sobre cartulina

75 x 110 x 4 cm