Art Madrid'24 – Rosa Galindo

Rosa Galindo

Barcelona, 1962

Rosa Galindo’s paintings are large scale dreamed images representing an imaginary world. Experimenting with the possibilities of different techniques and materials, the artist often works on the reverse of Plexiglas, finding a way to play with transparency and opaque surfaces. Rosa Galindo’s paintings allegorically echo our own presence as individuals within an imaginably staggering world. Her work reflects a philosophical idea related to understanding the place of humanity within the universe. The visible dashing brush strokes and vigorously applied pigments are visible signs of Rosa Galindo’s working process: some quintessential qualities of the Action Painting style. By using impetuous, sweeping gestures and adding bulks of paint to create a built-up surface that is physically worked and reworked with her brush and palette knife or much often with her hands, Rosa Galindo reflects her energetic intensity and gestural quality. Rosa Galindo’s subtly rendered objects appear to float against their background. These images often suggest meditation and personal reflection.

This artist exhibits in the following galleries

Pigment Gallery

Programa General