Art Madrid'24 – Sofía Cristina Jiménez

Sofía Cristina Jiménez

Madrid, 1984

Sofía Cristina Jiménez is a Madrid-based visual artist. In her works, both on canvas and paper, she explores complex current concepts and realities through surrealistic creations accompanied by poetry and word play. She seeks to move and escape with the audience into the world she has created, where images condense abstract and sometimes contrasting feelings. After thirteen years working as a Leather goods and accessories Manager for international luxury companies such as Loewe and Delpozo, she has been devoted to the development of her creative art studio, called "El Espacio Permanente," since 2019. The artist has received several awards and recognitions for her poetic and pictorial work. She was awarded the first prize in Spanish poetry in 2021 by the IE Foundation, and she received the artistic merit certificate in 2021 from La Pinacothèque. She has also participated in various art exhibitions and salons, such as ART3F in Paris, the Zabaleta Museum, and the Morisco Museum of Sayalonga. Her works have been selected for exhibition in the Autumn Salon at Casa de Vacas and the Spring Salon at the Municipal Museum of Valdepeñas.

This artist exhibits in the following galleries

Galería Uxval Gochez

Programa General