Art Madrid'24 – Viktor Goppe

Viktor Goppe

Riga, 1962

The author was born in 1962.
Finished secondary school specializing in art.

The family moved to Riga and since 1980 up to 1984 Victor studies in the Academy of Art in wood carving and sculpture modelling named after S.Errize in the class of wood and ceramics. There he was admired and inspired with the poetry of Latvian authos publishing creative volumes of books.

In 1986 Viktor founded «Publishing House of Viktor Goppe where afterwards he began to publish books of poets.

While publishing his books. the art of creating sculpture is developing more and more and every book of poetry is illustrated with with new painting images. drawings of black and white art. In 1995 Viktor graduated the faculty of book illustration of the Academy of Painting and Sculpture. Since then the book illustration and a wooden sculpture go always to-gether developing and complimenting each other and one another in good circulation.

This artist exhibits in the following galleries

Dr. Robot Gallery

Programa General

Artist's works

Viktor Goppe | Agniya Barto

Viktor Goppe

Agniya Barto, 2022

Madera, collage y esmalte

50 x 9.5 x 59 cm

Viktor Goppe | Acróbata

Viktor Goppe

Acróbata, 2022

Madera, collage y esmalte

19 x 14 x 67.5 cm

Viktor Goppe | Entrenador de baloncesto

Viktor Goppe

Entrenador de baloncesto, 2022

Madera, collage y esmalte

35 x 9 x 61 cm