Art Madrid'24 – Víctor López Rúa

Víctor López Rúa

A Coruña, 1971

Víctor López-Rua trained in Spain and Italy, and is already, in the words of the Spanish critic Juan Manuel Bonet, one of the most personal voices in the field of Spanish figurative painting, committed to the thematic and compositional renewal of the eternal and incombustible language of painting, always from a perspective of research, search and deepening in the different realities.

López-Rúa is described by Francisco Carpio, doctor in Art History and critic of ABC, as a painter-painter, that is to say, a painter with craft, a craft of light, and with the benefit of colours, space, sensitivity and matter. His painting participates in certain strategies linked to the New German Objectivity and the cinema, which leads us to highlight his constant recurrence to narrative, the presence of literature in his plastic work, but also his high dreamlike and surreal temperature; and Luis Alberto de Cuenca writes about this: "There are few plastic artists in Spain today capable of creating pictorial spaces as charged with disturbing strangeness as his".

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Artist's works

Víctor López Rúa | El convidado

Víctor López Rúa

El convidado, 2023

Oil on canvas

241 x 180 cm

Víctor López Rúa | El paseo

Víctor López Rúa

El paseo, 2022

Oil on canvas

230 x 168 cm