Art Madrid'24 – Yoso


Barcelona, 1970

He is a multidisciplinary artist who focuses on digital creation, photography, and sculpture. After his professional development in the field of architecture and design, he found his passion in art. His work, often inspired by dreams and fleeting visions, takes on an enigmatic character. He uses art as a tool for analyzing the human being, exploring concepts of identity and uniqueness from new perspectives. He has participated in various group exhibitions: Abarçum Gallery in Vic, Barcelona; Piñopos Gallery in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Cádiz; Uxval Gochez Gallery, Barcelona.

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Galería Uxval Gochez

Programa General

Artist's works

Yoso | El Sr. y La Sra. Europa se van de vacaciones


El Sr. y La Sra. Europa se van de vacaciones, 2021

Impresión sobre dibond de aluminio con tinta UVI

175 x 100 x 4 cm