Contour Art Gallery participating

Contour Art Gallery

One Project C1

Managers: Vilma Mačianskaitė

Vilnius, Lituania

M. +370 687 99838

Contour Art Gallery is a gallery on tour aiming to represent its artists by looking for the best possible places to exhibit their works. Showing the work of the best Lithuanian artists internationally and building careers for talented young artists step-by-step is the main objectives of Contour Art Gallery. Having started its activities as a pop-up gallery, today it also has a permanent space in Vilnius for events and meetings with collectors. Nevertheless, artistic ideas and their expression vary so greatly that one fixed space alone isn’t capable of presenting art in its best setting. The constant change of exhibition spaces not only creates new contexts for the artists’ ideas but also lets the viewer see work from different perspectives, forming new approaches to the artwork. The tour is a broad concept with no fixed boundaries. This is what Contour Art Gallery is about.

participating artists in Art Madrid'19

Rūta Vadlugaitė

Rokiskis (Lituania)

works in Art Madrid'19

Rūta Vadlugaitė | A Place for Bird Nests

Rūta Vadlugaitė

A Place for Bird Nests, 2015

Oil on fabric

73.7 x 101.5 x 3 cm

Rūta Vadlugaitė | Time for Watching

Rūta Vadlugaitė

Time for Watching, 2016

Oil on fabric

50.8 x 70 x 3 cm

Rūta Vadlugaitė | Empty Inside

Rūta Vadlugaitė

Empty Inside, 2017

Oil on fabric

90 x 230 x 3 cm

Rūta Vadlugaitė | Hepatica

Rūta Vadlugaitė

Hepatica, 2017

Oil on fabric

80 x 60 x 3 cm