Art Madrid'23 – FLECHA


Madrid, España

Programa General A23

FLECHA Gallery: A space in Madrid where we participate in solo and group exhibitions of the artists we work with. In addition, we participate in international art gallery fairs and we also intervene in larger spaces than the gallery to carry out projects that require larger exhibition spaces.

Our short and medium term project is to continue democratizing art through our artists: most of them young emerging or mid-career Spanish artists whom we help to advance in their careers with our real and virtual exhibitions where the presence of established artists supports each project.

Translated with (free version)We focus on offering quality art, through our artist selection committee that carefully evaluates the work of the artists who apply to FLECHA. Our aim is to DEMOCRATIZE ART, bringing it to the street within everyone's reach and making it more accessible and affordable, eliminating all the usual barriers.

participating artists in Art Madrid'23

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Paco Cassinello