Flux Zone

Flux Zone

Ciudad de México, México

FLUX // ZONE is a curatorial initiative, a space of critical thinking that combines an aesthetic proposal as well as a social commitment, where we promote artists that use traditional and non-traditional media and that enrich innovative discourses and formal proposals with innovative content.

FLUX // ZONE is born from the desire to reflect and to recognize itself in the work of its artists, immersed in the complex contemporary culture. As curators we are driven by the need to give form and meaning to our own universe in a progressive discovery of the intrinsic beauty and vitality of the work of art, without trying to achieve a maxim as a decree on art itself, but by finding, in each of the pieces its independence and its value. The intention of our work is to be a bastion that supports and accommodates artistic expression, that shows in a solid and forceful way the concerns of humanity in the 21st century.

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