Galería Benlliure participating

Galería Benlliure

Programa General A3

Managers: Vicente Segrelles y Alejandro Segrelles

Valencia, España

The gallery Benlliure was founded in 1984. Progressively, the gallery has been developing its activity towards a quality line in preference to consolidated values, without neglecting young artists.

In the last 20 years, artists of recognised reputation, painting of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the Paris School, Grupo El Paso, historical avant-gardes, twentieth-century Spanish landscaping and modern and contemporary artists have been exhibited in its venue. Of particular importance are the collective exhibitions entitled "Exhibit Benlliure" where annually selected works of renowed firms are exhibited.

participating artists in Art Madrid'18

works in Art Madrid'18

Antonio Saura | Charles

Antonio Saura

Charles, 1989

Oil on canvas

130 x 97 cm

Joan Miró | Personnage

Joan Miró

Personnage, 1977

Crayon and pencil on corrugated cardboard

29 x 22 cm

José Guerrero | Serie Comienzo

José Guerrero

Serie Comienzo, 1983

Oil on canvas

63 x 50 cm

Luis Feito | 218 - M

Luis Feito

218 - M, 1961

Oil on canvas

62 x 72 cm

Rafael Canogar | Sicomoro

Rafael Canogar

Sicomoro, 1962

Oil on canvas

97 x 130 cm

Luis Feito | 392 - M

Luis Feito

392 - M, 1963

Oil on canvas

60 x 73 cm

Jaume Plensa | A T.S. Eliot VIII

Jaume Plensa

A T.S. Eliot VIII, 2008

Painted iron

84 x 97 x 97 cm

Manolo Valdés | Reina Mariana

Manolo Valdés

Reina Mariana, 1993

Sculpture in wood

97 x 68 x 51 cm