Galería Kreisler

Galería Kreisler

Madrid, España

Programa General B1

The gallery Kreisler was founded in Madrid in 1965. Later it opened other spaces in New York (1970-1975), Barcelona (1979-2002) and Miami (1993-1995). Throughout the year there is a monthly program of individual exhibitions. The Gallery carries out other activities such as the organisation of exhibitions, in collaboration with other cultural institutions, inside and outside of Spain; the edition of original graphic works and the regular participation, since 1975, in international art fairs.

In 1973, the gallery Kreisler decided to expand with two different galleries: ""Kreisler Gallery"" and ""Kreisler Two"", what allowed covering all the pictorial isms of the moment. In September 1998, the two galleries merged into one, deciding to take an eclectic trend that seeks quality oriented to contemporary art, addressing its work to the dissemination of its artists in Spain and abroad.

participating artists in Art Madrid'21

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works in Art Madrid'21

Carlos Evangelista | Encuentros

Carlos Evangelista

Encuentros, 2019

Acero patinado

58 x 68 x 89 cm

Jan Kalab | Melted sun

Jan Kalab

Melted sun, 2020

Acrylic on canvas

180 x 116 cm

Jesús Chamizo | On the stage 2

Jesús Chamizo

On the stage 2, 2019

Caja de luz textil con perfil de aluminio

180 x 86 x 10 cm

Pep Fajardo | Cronos nave cúpula

Pep Fajardo

Cronos nave cúpula, 2021

Hierro, madera, cemento, esmalte y pan de oro

200 x 75 x 27 cm

Carmen Otero | Austro L

Carmen Otero

Austro L, 2019

Bronce patinado

43 x 27 x 24 cm

Jan Kalab | Volatile Amoeba

Jan Kalab

Volatile Amoeba, 2020

Acrylic on canvas

116 x 225 cm

Jesús Chamizo | Stahlraum 9

Jesús Chamizo

Stahlraum 9, 2019

Caja de luz metacrilato impreso

128 x 128 x 9 cm

Misterpiro | Fase 3


Fase 3, 2021

Esmalte acrílico, barra de aceite y spray sobre madera

120 x 120 cm

Pep Fajardo | Cronos nave torre

Pep Fajardo

Cronos nave torre, 2021

Hierro, madera, cemento y esmalte

200 x 65 x 20 cm

Carmen Otero | Garbi L

Carmen Otero

Garbi L, 2019

Bronce patinado

43 x 28 x 30 cm

Jan Kalab | Twilight Wedge

Jan Kalab

Twilight Wedge, 2020

Acrylic on canvas

103 x 125 cm

Jesús Chamizo | Glass Memories 4

Jesús Chamizo

Glass Memories 4, 2018

Impresión fine art y tintas pigmentadas

52 x 80 cm

Misterpiro | Baile I


Baile I, 2021

Esmalte acrílico, barra de aceite y spay sobre madera

130 x 100 cm

Misterpiro | Triptych


Triptych, 2021

Esmalte acrílico, barra de aceite y spay sobre madera

133 x 133 cm

Pep Fajardo | Gravedad

Pep Fajardo

Gravedad, 2020

Madera, hierro, hilo, acrílico, plomo y esmalte

125 x 25 x 25 cm