Galería Léucade participating

Galería Léucade

Programa General A23

Managers: Sofía Martínez Hernández

Murcia, España

Founded in 2013 by Sofía Martínez Hernández. Aiming to innovate in the world of art in Murcia, Galería Léucade offers various styles within contemporary art, as well as diverse cultural activities and workshops, standing out among the rest of galleries in its home city. Besides exposing established artists, it combines with the presentation of new artists, helping them to enter the art world.

Many people have come to find similarities with The Factory since it is a meeting place for creators of all artistic disciplines, as well as being used as a creation area for some of them. It is located in the centre of Murcia, has two floors with three exhibition rooms, one of them dedicated as a Permanent Room to the artist Raúl Romero. Léucade has become a significant reference space.

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