Art Madrid'24 – GÄRNA Art Gallery

GÄRNA Art Gallery

Madrid, España

GARNA Art Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in Madrid. In GARNA Art Gallery we believe that Art is a powerful tool, and our goal is to bring it closer to society; as an element of reflection, representation of our era, personal elevation and aesthetic enjoyment. We bring together emerging, consolidated, national and foreign artists, who face their creations with talent and passion. Our mission is to accompany them in this process, to grow together, to make each exhibition and fair an experience in which we show our way of seeing the world and understanding Art.

From GARNA Art Gallery we make a strong commitment to the aesthetic value of art, claiming the beauty of the works as a fundamental part of our artistic proposal. As part of our activity we develop throughout the year an extensive program of exhibitions and fairs, but also public installations, institutional collaborations and interdisciplinary projects, in order to enable access to art by as many people as possible. GARNA Art Gallery is open to all kinds of public interested in the exchange of experiences, proposals and collaborations, with the aim of weaving a solid community around art and culture.

participating artists in Art Madrid'24