IDEA4MI participating


Programa General B12

Managers: Caterina Corni y Paola Maria Gianotti

Milán, Italia

T. T.+39 366 165 0141

Founded in 2013, IDEA4MI is located in Milano via Lanzone, walking distance from Sant’Ambrogio Cathedral and near the Colonne di San Lorenzo. Caterina Corni and Paola Maria Gianotti are the two directors of this 3 story gallery. Representing artists from different countries and generations, IDEA4MI collaborates directly with artists, their heirs, or the foundations that represent them.

participating artists in Art Madrid'19

Azelio Corni

Sesto Calende (Italia)

works in Art Madrid'19

Azelio Corni | Bowl

Azelio Corni

Bowl, 2005

Mixed media on canvas

150 x 150 cm