MA Arte Contemporáneo

MA Arte Contemporáneo

Palma, España

One Project C1

MA is an off-circuit space dedicated to contemporary art. It opened on 15 December 2016. Its direction is performed by Marisa Aldeguer, a degree in art history, visual artist and independent curator. MA was born as the result of a deep love of art, wanting to cover the diverse contemporary artistic manifestations, both of emerging artists and of consecrated creators.

participating artists in Art Madrid'21

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Aina Cortés Pinya

Angel Pascual Rodrigo

Antonio Llanas

Carmen Pastrana

Esther Olondriz

Francesc Florit

Gracia de Juan

Guillermo Simón

Javier Ramos Bellanco

Jorge Cabral


Marc Sparfel

Miguel Segura

Nuri Llompart

works in Art Madrid'21