Art Madrid'24 – Galería Marita Segovia

Galería Marita Segovia

Madrid, España

Programa General A18

The Gallery of Art and Antiques Marita Segovia, in the heart of the Salamanca neighborhood, is a reference space in Madrid, where two passions coexist. As a beginning, the activity that its owner Marita Segovia had been developing for two decades still survives. Four rooms are dedicated to antiques and painting of the first artistic avant-gardes. As a novelty, we find a recent but solid activity based on the celebration of contemporary art exhibitions, in which temporary exhibitions of the most diverse disciplines are organized: painting, photography, sculpture, video-installation and design.

participating artists in Art Madrid'24

another artists in this gallery

Carlos Evangelista

Iñaki Ormaechea

João Carlos Galvão

Joaquim Chancho

Luis Vioque

Olga Copado

Patrizia Lohan

Peter Weber

Pilar Pequeño

Xavier Escribá