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Nuno Sacramento

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Managers: Nuno Sacramento

Ílhavo, Portugal

Nuno Sacramento Gallery has been active since 2003 with the opening of its first gallery in the city of Aveiro, Portugal. In 2009 he moved to the nearby city of Ilhavo, to a venue specially designed for a gallery of contemporary art, where it has settled down up to this date. It annually develops around six solo and three collective exhibitions, in the disciplines of painting, sculpture, photography, installation and video.

The gallery dynamises its cultural action not only through these exhibitions but also by editing the catalogues of its artists and the works exhibited, with reviews by critics accredited in the art world. In addition, it makes exhibitions in museums and cultural centres in various Portuguese cities, such as the Bairrada Museum with the "Wine and fado", in the Maritime Museum of Ílhavo and its cultural centres with the exhibition "Bakalhau", in Angola-Luanda at the "Camões" Cultural Centre, with the exhibition "Project of an Art Collection", in collaboration with Banco Santander / Totta, in Cuba, at the Museum of Decorative Arts of Havana, with the exhibition "Formas de Colibrí" and in Madrid at the CEART Museum, with the exhibitions "Against the Expansion" and "Dramatising the Drama." The gallery has participated in several art fairs in Portugal and abroad, and maintains a regular program of art exhibitions.

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