Offspace | galerie panoptikum

Gilgenberg, Austria

Programa General B6

The offspace | gallery panoptikum is an Austrian art & photography gallery. Founded in 2017, we made it our task to deal, explore or even redefine the concept of beauty, especially in contemporary art photography. We are working with artists who have their own aesthetic access to art photography. The approach, as well as the personal image language, are very important to us. Contemporary art photography is more than a simple idea, documentation or the illustration (image) of digital newsmedia images. Our focus is on the materiality, the technique and the authentic interpretation of selected aspects in our society (culture) we are all living in - without thinking in categories. We are working either with unique or very low editions. Our offSpace | galerie panoptikum tries to push cooperations and (collective) art projects. As a place of encounters, we want to engage actively in the development of contemporary art photography.

participating artists in Art Madrid'21

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