Rodrigo Juarranz

Rodrigo Juarranz

Aranda de Duero, España

Programa General B11

The Rodrigo Juarranz Gallery was born with the idea of promoting and distributing works of art both by established artists and by new talents with a great projection. With this in-depth goal, the Gallery participates in several national and international art fairs that serve to promote its artists. It is not born with a localist vocation but with an international vocation.

The Rodrigo Juarranz Gallery wants Aranda de Duero to become a point of reference for contemporary art and it considers art as a whole, without distinguishing abstraction from figuration or realism from conceptual art. He also bets on the unique work and the original multiple work, considering work on paper so important, as it has been demonstrated in the successive editions of engraving around the world.

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