Schmalfuss participating


Programa General B10

Managers: Michael W.Schmalfuß y Liane von Plessen

Berlín, Alemania

The gallery was originally founded by Michael W. Schmalfuß in 1998 in Marburg. In 2011, a second gallery was opened in Berlin. A vast variety of exhibitions have taken place, showing both established and young contemporary artists with German and international backgrounds. The gallery mainly focuses on realism, representative and figurative painting and sculpture.

SCHMALFUSS BERLIN represents artists whose work, by means of individual expression, perseverance and dynamics, is exemplary of the artistic transition from the 20th century into the 21st yet also sets course for the future.

SCHMALFUSS BERLIN also represents artists at international art fairs in order to solidify their position on a national and international level.

participating artists in Art Madrid'18

Jürgen Paas

Krefeld (Alemania)

Luzia Simons

Ceará (Brasil)

Oliver Czarnetta

Düren (Alemania)

Veronika Veit

Munich (Alemania)

Willi Siber

Biberach (Alemania)

works in Art Madrid'18

Luzia Simons | Stockage 83- 3/5

Luzia Simons

Stockage 83- 3/5, 2010


180 x 126 cm


Veronika Veit | Coming soon (grey)

Veronika Veit

Coming soon (grey), 2013

Yeso duro, lana y plástico

40 x 16 x 25 cm


Veronika Veit | Window

Veronika Veit

Window, 2013

Madera, acrílico, papel, lana y metal

66 x 67 x 44 cm


Jürgen Paas | Jukebox

Jürgen Paas

Jukebox, 2017

Instalación en aluminio

60 x 60 x 10 cm


Oliver Czarnetta | Spectrum

Oliver Czarnetta

Spectrum, 2015-16

Escultura en resina

45 x 16 x 17 cm


Veronika Veit | Survivertrophy

Veronika Veit

Survivertrophy, 2015

Plástico, tela, papel y acrílico

57 x 25 x 15 cm


Willi Siber | Tafelobjekt

Willi Siber

Tafelobjekt, 2016

Metal, epoxi y poliuretano

116 x 104 cm

Jürgen Paas | Popplanet

Jürgen Paas

Popplanet, 2016

Acrílico y papel

16 x 16 x 5 cm


Oliver Czarnetta | Spectrum

Oliver Czarnetta

Spectrum, 2017

Escultura en resina

64 x 32 x 45 cm


Willi Siber | Wandisntallation

Willi Siber

Wandisntallation, 2017

Madera y laca cromada

29 x 38 x 7 cm


Jürgen Paas | Target

Jürgen Paas

Target, 2016-2017

Instalación en aluminio