Art Madrid'24 – The Art Büro

The Art Büro

Barcelona, España

The Art Büro is a boutique ART advisory in Barcelona, curating the perfect artwork for your home, office, public space or commercial project. We have a long-standing love affair with art and specialise in contemporary and investment worthy Spanish and Catalan artists, along with international artists living in our beloved Barcelona.

We source stunning, original artworks that are not only aesthetically sophisticated and design conscious, but represent excellent investment value that will increase over time. As the go-to art experts in Barcelona, we spend our days in artists’ studios, exploring hidden galleries, diving into the online and offline art world so that our clients don’t have to. We collaborate with and support artists to find pieces that are decorative but meaningful, with profound stories that our clients fall in love with and can’t stop thinking about.

The Art Büro´s mission is to open up the elusive world of art collecting and raise the bar when it comes to art placement in high end homes. Whether our client is a seasoned collector or at the very beginning of their art journey, we empower art lovers to build collections that become part of their life story.

participating artists in Art Madrid'24