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Leonardo Moyano

Guayaquil (Ecuador), 1991

Leonardo Moyano graduated from ITAE (Technological Institute of Arts of Ecuador). He is currently finishing his degree in visual arts at the University of the Arts of Ecuador. He has been awarded at the October Hall at the Casa de la Cultura Núcleo del Guayas, at the Festival of Outdoor Arts (FAAL) and at the July Hall organized by the Municipal Museum of Guayaquil. He was a guest artist of the DPM Gallery in Guayaquil in 2016-2017. In 2016 he inaugurated his first individual exhibition “Fields of Contemplation” and then in 2017 he made his second individual exhibition “Gulag” in the DPM gallery. He was part of the list of artists selected by the Gallery + Art (Quito) for the contemporary art fair (PARC) in Peru (2018). Currently, he is a member of the art group “Chivox” and a founding member of Violenta.

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