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Aurora Alcaide

Montilla, Córdoba, 1975

Aurora Alcaide Ramírez (Montilla, Córdoba, 1975) is a Doctor of Fine Arts from the University of Granada (2003) and since 2005 Professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Murcia (Associate Professor from February 2018). She is director of the Art and Identity Politics Research Group, executive manager of the homonymous journal, coordinator of the Teaching Innovation Group on Art and Displacement: MOVE, and editor of the Migratory Aesthetics in Contemporary Art collection (Murcia: Editum).

She is currently participating in the R+D+i projects The Neighborhood as a Setting for Critical Pedagogies and Collaborative Art (PGC2018-094351-B-C42) and Território Nômade: Migrações, Transições e Deslocamentos na Fotografia Contemporânea (Universidade Feevale). She explores abstract and expanded painting, the anthropization of nature, the poetics of displacement, collaborative art, and the relationships between art, memory, and cultural identity from artistic theory and practice. Thus, she combines her teaching, research and artistic activities, enriching herself with the synergies that are generated among these three areas.

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