David Heras Verde, works on sale

David Heras Verde

Madrid, 1970

Heras' gestural painting is a constant experiment in colour. Determinism, chaos, chance and uncertainty, are features that define his work, developing it between the factors described above and the pictorial space. Among its exhibitions, it should be noted: Fig Bilbao 2019. Bilbao. MULAFEST 2017. Madrid. PARK ART FAIR INTERNATIONAL 2014 Festival, Triberg. Likewise, it has a presence in publications such as Critique of Gregorio Vigil-Escalera, 2015. Article in PAC, Platform of Contemporary Art 2015 and outstanding prizes such as Honorable Mention in PAFI AWAR, 2015. Honourable Mention in PAFI AWAR. 2013, First prize for digital work Sala Poder Judicial Buenos Aires 2007.

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