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Eduardo Vega de Seoane

Madrid, 1955

He is a painter with a consolidated professional career, both in Spain and in Europe, mainly in Germany, where he exhibits regularly and enjoys well-deserved recognition. He has held more than 34 individual exhibitions, among which it is worth highlighting in 2008, “Three generations of Spanish artist Miró, Tapiés, Vega de Seoane” organized by the prestigious Galerie Ruf in Munich, Germany. Seoane has developed a very personal style characterized by color, expressive freedom and great lyricism. Artist who lives between abstract expressionism and neoinformalism, who does not like to define himself. It can be said that his work lives in rhythm. A hidden geometry keeps each moment in its place, the path of the gaze hiding the certainty of the ancestral, tempts us to call it informalist when each gesture or stroke highlights the shape that it wants to disappear

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Eduardo Vega de Seoane | Jo

Eduardo Vega de Seoane

Jo, 2023

Acrílico y óleo sobre lienzo

160 x 210 cm

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