Emeka Udemba, works on sale

Emeka Udemba

Enugu, 1968

His installation art piece about immigration, which won the French Ambassador’s Prize at the 2002 Dakar Biennale, set him on his way for further successful shows across Europe, Africa and Latin America. Working with installation art, photography, performance art, video and painting, Udemba established a career in Europe and founded an art space in Lagos to support younger artists. In 2013, he started making his signature style portrait paintings with added elements of colorful, transparent collage. Appropriating anonymous images of refugees and impoverished people, Udemba gives prominence to these subjects by portraying their inner beauty while surrounding them with swirls of colored papers and mediated information that’s usually used to define them. “It’s not about creating realistic portraits of my subjects, I view my paintings more as constructions, where I employ print material to make the viewer go beyond just looking at the person in the painting. I want the viewer to see the information swirling around us so that they can understand how it impacts the way we define other people.

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