Evangelina Esparza, works on sale

Evangelina Esparza

Rosario, (Argentina), 1980

Evangelina holds a Degree in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid. She has architecture studies from the National University of Rosario, Argentina. Esparza has numerous exhibitions, collective and individual in Spain, Argentina, Belgium, United Kingdom, Portugal and Sweden. Among so many, it is worth mentioning that of the AISGE Foundation of Madrid and that of the Parliament of Brussels in 2015. Other interesting projects in which she has collaborated are The Night of Researchers at the Royal Botanic Garden of Madrid, LaFashion Art Institute- Recycling Future the French Embassy of Madrid and the Royal Tapestry Factory in 2018. Her last exhibition: The night of the galleries in Malmö. Sweden 2019. She has been selected for the second time in the CEART Tomás y Valiente Contest, to exhibit her Expo in February 2016 and has participated in fairs such as Estampa, Librarte, Just LX Lisboa (with a special mention in the press), Fig Bilbao 2019. Evangelina Esparza's work is growing considerably and proof of this is its presence in both public and private collections at the national and international level.

Artist's works

Evangelina Esparza | Still life

Evangelina Esparza

Still life, 2019

Oil on board

60 x 30 cm


Evangelina Esparza | Metamoforis 1

Evangelina Esparza

Metamoforis 1, 2020

Dibujo, Grafito, gouache y pastel sobre papel

45 x 35 cm


Evangelina Esparza | Shallow

Evangelina Esparza

Shallow, 2020

Dibujo, grafito sobre papel tintado a mano

50 x 45 cm


Evangelina Esparza | Dunnock

Evangelina Esparza

Dunnock, 2020

Dibujo, Grafito y Gouache sobre papel

56 x 70 cm


Evangelina Esparza | Metamorfosis 2

Evangelina Esparza

Metamorfosis 2, 2020

Dibujo, Grafito, gouache y pastel sobre papel

45 x 35 cm


Evangelina Esparza | Metamorfosis 3

Evangelina Esparza

Metamorfosis 3, 2020

Dibujo, Grafito, gouache y pastel sobre papel

56 x 76 cm


Featured works

Soledad Córdoba | Rito VII

Soledad Córdoba

Rito VII, 2019


100 x 150 cm

Isabela Puga | M_CB_01

Isabela Puga

M_CB_01, 2022

Técnica mixta y oro de 22 kt sobre madera

180 x 180 cm


Carmen Pastrana | Nicethingtos

Carmen Pastrana

Nicethingtos, 2019

Lápiz y acrílico sobre papel

51 x 50 cm


Diego Benéitez | Lo que me habla de ti

Diego Benéitez

Lo que me habla de ti, 2020

Oil on board

120 x 150 cm