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Faustino Ruiz de la Peña

Oviedo, 1969

Faustino Ruíz de la Peña graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Salamanca in 1992. Specialized in painting, his years of learning were marked by the motivation of the results and possibilities offered by the different techniques taught. During all this time, his plastic priorities travelled in an experimental field where the drawing was always present. His works contain a memory that he transforms making everything he sees and lives his own. A photographic painting that captures moments, details and moments that freeze and remain inert in a reality that continues the viewer. Winner in 2008 of the National Art Contest of Luarca, the painter - in whose work a remarkable domain of drawing is evident - has sustained his interest towards a very original landscape painting in which houses, trees or trees are frequent birds.

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Faustino Ruiz de la Peña | Gulliver's travels

Faustino Ruiz de la Peña

Gulliver's travels, 2023

Óleo, lápiz y pigmento

130 x 195 cm

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