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Gloria Pereda

Santander, 1966

Gloria Pereda is a multidisciplinary artist who works mainly in painting and installation. Bachelor of Fine Arts Complutense University of Madrid 1990. Erasmus Scholarship Akademie der Bildenden Künste from Munich, Germany. In 1993 with the Antozoo Group, they opened the Center for Young Creators Pavilion Florida in Madrid, since then participates in numerous exhibition projects, individual and collective, international symposia such as Sianoja 2004, 100 artists for a museum at Casoria Contemporary Art Museum in Naples, Italy 2005; MMMart 2005 in Slovenia or Sixteen at the CEARG in Guanajuato, Mexico 2009. In 2007 individual exhibition Sen Gallery in Madrid, Domestic at the Arnuero Art Observatory 2008. In 2013 Collective Meaning Making roaming around NY, Washington, Warsaw and Brussels. In construction, BilbaoArte Foundation 2014; in 2017-18 he participated in Affordable Art Fair Brussels. He has collaborated in collective projects such as Pedestrian Art or 100 x 27 Women Sinsombrero in the BCC of Cantabria. And highlight the individual The place of things, Sala Robayera Miengo 2018.

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