Isabel García Benito, works on sale

Isabel García Benito

Madrid, 1968

Isabel García Benito had a childhood surrounded by nature and youth, guided by a constant desire for adventure that led her to travel around the world. Graduated in Interior Architecture at EADE, Madrid (1990). She worked for many years as an interior designer in studios in Madrid and after several years decided to devote herself fully to painting, for this, she trained and worked with prestigious painters such as Jose Luis Ocio, Javier Pérez Prada and Consuelo Chacón. Her painting is contemporary, she mixes influences that she has had throughout her life and there is always a constant search for space. She always worked from abstraction, starting from a lyrical, colourful composition where there are no figurative elements or references to reality, and then only sometimes, once the process is completed, she is flooded with it.

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