Juanjo Martínez Cánovas, works on sale

Juanjo Martínez Cánovas

Murcia, 1980

Doctorate in Fine Arts from the University of Murcia in 2021, We found in Martínez Cánovas artworks symbolic and surreal imagery, a direct link with ancient philosophers such as Aristotle. Such philosophers maintained that death is the most terrible of all things, and that fearing some concepts might even be fair and noble. His projects revolve around the previous idea; transmitting and generating discomfort to a great part of society. For this purpose, and depending on the collection, he uses images that, whenever possible, he extracts from his surroundings. He has 25 individual exhibitions and more than 30 collective ones. Member of Inéditd Gallery since 2020, he participates with this gallery in the 10th edition of FIG Bilbao (2021) and in Art Madrid 23.

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