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Karine Boulanger

Beirut, 1963

"Born in the Lebanese capital of Beirut in 1963, to a French father and a Bolivian mother, Karine Boulanger was raised in Paris where art played a central role in her upbringing. Growing up between two cultures, Karine was something of a dreamer. She was passionate about Latin American writing, especially that of Gabriel García Marquez, Ernesto Sábato, and Alejo Carpentier. The moment of catharsis would come at age 23, at an exhibition of Nicaraguan painter, Armando Morales in Paris. “It was like a revelation, I had to study painting!” This dual influence of Latin America’s ‘magical realism’ and European classicism would mark her work from her very first shows, in France, Bolivia and the United States from 1992. But in 1997 a chance encounter with an exhibition of Byzantine art in New York would hold sway on her work from then . Karine Boulanger’s art, like her life, is a process of constant evolution.

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