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Kim Sohyoung

Ulsan, (Corea del Sur), 1970

KIM, SO-HYOUNG (b.1970 Ulsan) is a Korean artist. Has exhibited his works in numerous exhibitions locally and Art Fairs. His mixed media paintings: squeezed the paint right out of the tube to create the current appearance of the people. Colorful, but regular and repetitive...It resembles the appearance of modern people. From afar, they look like abstract paintings with thick paint, but if you look closely, they are different people. It is a work where abstraction and figuration coexist. Maybe people try to hide their inner self behind colorful splendor. The artist’s oeuvre is in collections of: National Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art (2015, 2016, 2017). Private collection majority: Alibaba Co., Pet One Co., Yuhan Co.,Yonex Korea, Seoul Hospital, W Hospital, Hansarang Hospital, Hanvit Dentist, GalleryWe, SeoGallery, Duruartspace, YeGallery; Dooin Gallery, Gallery Maron.

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Kim Sohyoung | People (10-153)

Kim Sohyoung

People (10-153), 2023

Acrylic on wood

45.5 x 45.5 cm

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