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Laura Nieto

Medina del Campo, (Valladolid), 1978

For the past few years my work has been a reflection on the act of paying attention, the passage of time and on memory. Through figuration, my work recreates places, people, brief moments of everyday life; these sketches reveal the landscapes through which we move and live each day – the ones we are oblivious to because we have interiorized them. I look for specifically pictorial values with which to transmit visual experiences of slow tempo, in which I make conscious use of a resource: the non finito. Leaving unfinished shapes, blank areas of the canvas or visible traces of drawn contours. This allows me to explore lightness and the undefined, to challenge the idea of the conventional finish and to value the multiple readings of the viewer and his or her specifically visual experiences. I conceive of all these scenes with the desire and the intention of upholding our right to contemplation and of inducing a new kind of appreciation for reality in the viewer, one in which experimentation and aesthetic pleasure are guaranteed.

Artist's works

Laura Nieto | Juego de luces

Laura Nieto

Juego de luces, 2019

Óleo y spray sobre lienzo

100 x 150 cm

Laura Nieto | Noche de fiesta

Laura Nieto

Noche de fiesta, 2019

Óleo y spray sobre lienzo

148 x 130 cm

Laura Nieto | En el italiano

Laura Nieto

En el italiano, 2019

Oil on canvas

146 x 114 cm

Laura Nieto | Instante I

Laura Nieto

Instante I, 2017

Óleo y spray sobre lienzo

122 x 115 cm

Laura Nieto | Fue aquella noche cuando algo cambió su vida

Laura Nieto

Fue aquella noche cuando algo cambió su vida, 2018

Óleo, acrílico y spray sobre lienzo

125 x 130 cm

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