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LIN Shih-Yung

Ciudad de Hsinchu, (Taiwán), 1982

Lin Shih-Yung employs his self-created "Banana Man" as a metaphorical symbol and vocabulary within his paintings, using surrealistic techniques to present dark and metaphorical oil artworks. These pieces depict obscure memories and emotions related to family and childhood. In the artwork "Dependence-5," the scene is extremely gloomy, with dry land and a dark sky, where a neatly dressed woman stands barefoot, alone. However, the game setting is merely a false facade of joy. The Banana Man, replacing the facial features, serves as a reflection of family members, through which Lin Shih-Yung subtly narrates the doctrines and experiences stemming from a large family, using his art to reexamine and express inner turmoil.

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