Luis Miguel Rico, works on sale

Luis Miguel Rico

Toledo, 1981

My workshop is full of materials that are familiar to all of us for their use in the field of Fine Arts, among which I highlight papers that I dye beforehand for their subsequent manipulation. All of them, randomly presented on my work table, add to my problem of composition, which I try to solve directly on the support of the work. In the act of composing, for me it is essential that those materials I use and arrange on the surface, connect and come to have a unitary sense, giving rise in turn during the creative process to the non-renunciation of my work as a playful way for the creation and production of my works.

Parallel to my collage work, I present a series of works where I use exclusively the medium of painting. With them, I generate a series of forms, which maintain a certain link with my collage structures. I use stains of broken colors and other more saturated colors where the density of the paint itself, more or less liquid, also plays an important role. "

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